Why your favorite club had to die

I have been the part of many organizations in my life. Most of them had a brief flourishing and then a decline. The decline usually happens because somebody joins it and changes it.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this too. Everything was fine, everyone was happy, until someone wasn’t happy and demanded changes be made. The club needs to change the meeting times. It needs to read different things. It has to accept women or be entirely gluten-free. Politics are forbidden, but then become compulsory. You know the drill. After the change is made the group slowly fades away. Meetings quit being scheduled and nobody cares. The cool thing you found is gone.

Why does this have to happen? I think it’s either a personality quirk (VD calls them ‘gammas’) or a deeper underlying disease which has come to be called progressivism. I didn’t say “progress” (who could be opposed to genuine progress?) but “progressivism”, the theory that we must always be moving forward, onward, toward the glorious future, which is always better than where we are now. To fail to be progressive is to be a moral reprobate. “Don’t you want to make things better? Don’t you want to change the world?

If you ask anyone to define what the end goal of progressivism is, you won’t get an answer. It’s not about the goal, it’s about the journey! Whatever state you are currently in, it can be improved, and there will be someone in your group who will take it upon himself or herself to improve it.

It will be improved until it ceases to exist.