Commercial Interlude

Imagine being twice as strong as you are today. As you know, I work as a strength and nutrition coach. It’s how I pay my bills, but it’s also probably the way I do the most good in the world. Philosophy and literature are fine, but muscle is an immediate good!
Go to the link and take a look!

Don’t forget about the podast either. Search for “The Karl Schudt Show” or go here to listen:

One thought on “Commercial Interlude”

  1. I wish I could stay more consistent with my workouts, Karl. This week, I’ve only worked out three times. But I don’t Powerlift, I bodybuild. Though I do squats and deadlifts and benchpress. I just can’t get stronger and I can’t stay more consistent on days on days I’m too busy. Even for an hour a day. I’ve gotten so lazy about my training. And now I’m going to New Life for Pastor Asa’s sermon. I go to their Bible study too. A metalhead into the Bible. I’m reading touched with fire, The new nutrition, Aristotle’s ethics and more!

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