Some thoughts while sitting in a coffee shop.

  • Why are coffee shops so loud? Don’t you want to promote conversation? Why have the music so loud? Perhaps it is so people won’t stay.
  • Politicians again doing exactly what the people don’t want. This should not surprise you. Self-rule is actually impossible, and any system that pretends to give it to you is telling you fairy stories.
  • One chainsaw is not enough. You need to have two. The moment you have a big tree fall on your property line, the chainsaw will break and you’ll not be able to finish the job. Get a spare.
  • Audiobook narrators will likely soon be replaced by AI narrators. This will be sad. R.C. Bray is so good!
  • Bret McKay is the best interviewer in the business.
  • I still like weightlifting, even though my strength levels are down.
  • The best part about owning a dog is that he’s always happy to see you. It’s not just because I give him belly rubs.
  • By the way, Bret, it’s because of your podcast that my wife consented to getting the dog.
  • On Twitter, it’s a common thing to say that “nothing ins happening.” This is true. The Nothing is happening, more and more every day.
  • Aristotle says happiness is an activity. This is a way to combat the previous point. Do something. Do Something! Find a noble activity to do. It will be better.
  • Fresh eggs are so good!
  • The best word processor is still vim.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts while sitting in a coffee shop.”

  1. I’ve been using Speechify Premium to read ebooks for which there’s no published audiobook version available. It’s indeed astonishingly good and entirely listenable. Several of the many available voices are lovely and almost indistinguishable from a human reading now. (I think will be a while before able to reproduce excellent readers’ abilities to do voices and express emotions, though.)

    Bonus: The iOS Speechify app, anyway, lets you play another app’s audio stream (e.g., music, nature, alpha focus) quietly under the spoken word.

    1. Yeah, I know. The technology is real good, but with every gain there’s a loss.

      I have Alexa read Schopenhauer to me.

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