The Karl Schudt Show

I’m always ahead of the curve. That’s why, here in 2024, I’ve decided to start a podcast. I’m not doing this to conquer the world or imitate Joe Rogan. I am doing it as a vanity project, as a place for me to talk. Whatever audience comes, comes. Nevertheless, you might be interested.

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2 thoughts on “The Karl Schudt Show”

  1. This is great! I’ve wanted to hear more of your speaking…ever since Philosophy of Being in 2017 at BU. Yeah, 457lbs is better than good for the bench press!

    Talents of the mind…not in the Existentialists but more of what’s found in Dr. Burgesses recommendation “At The Existentialist Cafe” circa 2016. One of NY times best releases for that year! Great read!

    I’m in another Ayn Rand phase via “Atlas Shrugged.” I know, I know, you said she was a “materialist.” And “We The Living” was a great read again the second time through! Thanks for the recommendation.

    I actually am interested in doing research on people with mood disorders though I’m keeping my major as Philosophy for my bachelors.

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